MTB Range



Based around a patended Optimized Instant Center suspension, the Tephra 5.5 frame has a very efficient and progressive movement throughout the entire length of travel.


We provide the tools to push your riding to new levels.

Trail bikes have come a long way. At the same time, trail riding has also progressed to amazing levels.

Our bikes are at the top-level of performance and provide the ultimate riding experience. We have spared nothing to create a mountain bike that excels at climbing, and can provide the same experience when coming back down.

With 5.5 inches of travel and a total weight less than 30 pounds, the SOLIS Tephra is a perfect balance of weight and travel. The OIC suspension system has proven to be a determining factor in the Tephra’s amazing performance. Carefully selected components complete the package.

We do not skimp on quality, neither should you.